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The Accountant 2016
— by Monkey Business Monkey Business
The accountant 2016 with Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, and JK Simmons is a cool film consisting of commercial and spiritual symbolism in this ones opinion. As I suspect the other films of writer Bill Dubuque to have as well. Bill also wrote the screenplays for the films The Judge 2014, and A Family Man 2016. I'll watch them when I can and get back with anything of interest. The following is me articulating some notes I took as I watched this film because I was inspired to do so by what I saw. Fair warning, spoilers to come.

The Accountant is the first movie to feature the US Treasury that I can recall. I was very interested from that perspective. The protagonist aka The Accountant is like a superhero due to his high functioning autism. He has superior intelligence, focus, problem-solving skills, etc. The accountant and his abilities allow him to settle matters, balances the books, liquidate accounts, etc. He basically acts as a bounty hunter and then check this, he DONATES all his earnings to a research foundation for autism. He gives it all back so to speak. Although he has access to innumerable aliases or covers, for most of the film he is known as CHRISTIAN WOLFF for that is worth.

So it turns out the accountant has a history of working for traffickers, drug dealers, murderers, etc. and has left behind him a trail of death and intrigue and has caught the attention of the US Treasury. Is he liquidating the terrorists that pose a threat to the public trust? It appears so, because what starts as ordinary accounting work, turns into killing bad guys! He also is honorable and protects the peaceful inhabitants he encounters. The treasury's interest in him is due to his contact with an agent RAY KING. Then he goes on to NOTIFY AND INSTRUCT the TREASURY of what to do, who to go after, etc. Ray King basically is just following the trail, and doing what he is told to do by the accountant. King is retiring soon so is grooming a subordinate, who has a most interesting name, Marybeth Ascencion Medina. After a little searching the name appears to mean, (mary beth) pledged to god, (ascencion) ascend, (medina) into the city of the prophet. How about that!

There is certainly symbolism regarding the feminine in this film. The abandonment of the mother due to his condition. The female fellow autistic girl is his partner/associate and helps him with his endeavors, and she is the little girl that helped him in the start of film with the the puzzle, which I'll get to hereafter. The importance of the feminine to balance out the masculine nature of the system? Represented by this ruthless yet honorable man that will go as far as needed to balance the books!

At the very beginning of the film, in the center for autistic children with the Muhammad Ali puzzle, the young boy (the accountant) goes into a tantrum because he can't finish the puzzle because he has misplaced a piece. Finishing what he starts is a main tenant for the accountant as shown throughout the film. So in order to finish the puzzle, he needs a surrender/gift/offering/what have you from the little girl. (the feminine nature) She hands him the piece and so he completes the puzzle. That last puzzle piece fit over... the heart!

Finally, there is No clear antagonist (bad guy) in this film, so if I had to choose, I think it's the private security guy whom is later revealed to be his brother. The animosity between the two stemming from a lack of FORGIVENESS over what happened surrounding their mother.  Anyways, that's all I got for now. Check out The Accountant 2016. Thanks for the notice Bill, message received!