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— by Tony Tony
Thank you for sharing, but to ensure we understand completely, as I admit I have never seen the movie the Matrix - which it appears you have a well written understanding of the "real meaning" of the movie, in other words - you are suggesting we surrender the usufruct to the "correct authorized representative" - to and for the account of the United States as an exclusive authorized signatory to extinguish and obliterate the "presumed" debt obligation - thereby setting "us free" from the presumption of surety.  "Giving equity to get equity", to state it in different terms.  This last sentence is not meant as a full detailed synopsis just general overall gist.  

I would like to be bold and say, I have tried this so many times, in so many different ways, I actually believe I can wall paper my bedroom with all the paper.  From the Catholic church down to the local county probate judge - and just about everyone in between.  All I got was ignored.

I can even state emphatically, through many hours of "spiritual law", it all makes sense to me from that point of view.

Hector, you suggest "you did it-so can you".  There is no doubt in my mind.  The issue - which I suspect many have tried and still have not quite made it - what specifically did you do to make it UNDERSTOOD that Hector, the presumed surety does not reside within the US borders BUT Hector, the man, lives IN the United States but is NOT of the United States?