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Maybe I am reading your post wrong, but all of this BS is destroyed the moment you come to the realization that the only problem is the presumption of death of which can be overcome with some simplistic logic.

If one is addressed by the name of a DEAD-DUDE, what happens under the 1666 Cestui Que Act?

How can a jurisdiction relying on DEATH continue to be when the supposed dead man is standing right in front of everyone?

People are making this WAY to complicated, but I guess it is easier to blame a FICTION than to accept responsibility for one's ignorance and act.

The FICTION is necessary as that is where the PROBATE is carried out in administration of the Public Trust so the usufruct can be accounted for.

The ONLY thing left to decide is to WHICH usufruct is one beholden: usufruct of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil OR usufruct of the Tree of Life?
NAME is NOT man's surety, that would be Jesus Christ. Nor is man surety for NAME, unless ALLOWS himself to THINK that anything to do with that NAME has anything to do with one. (see 31 USC 3713(b)) ... The PEOPLE gave rise to the presumption that they were surety because they FAILED to READ the fucking Treaties that created this Entrusted Nation: the Organic Laws.

If they had, the PEOPLE would SEE that ALL essential government is provided by BRITISH-SUBJECTS (Treaty of Paris), thus the need for them (PUBLIC-SERVANTS: those who CLAIM to be government) to register under FARA. They would SEE that this nation was founded as a Christian Nation (Treaty of Tripoli and Mayflower Compact). They would SEE that there is a perpetual peace between England and united States of America, thus ALL the one occupying offices are PEACE-OFFICERS and this sentiment is further re-iterated by the Act of 1954 wherein ALL public offices were transferred over the the UN, making all PUBLIC-OFFICERS (those who act AS-IF they were government) PEACE-OFFICERS: ALL-GOVERNMENT-AGENTS-ACT-AS-PEACE-OFFICERS.

But PEOPLE do not SEE because they are so busy hiding their head up their ass, they keep getting butt-fucked and wonder why the PUBLIC-OFFICIALS shoot their load all over the faces of the PEOPLE like the PEOPLE are some two-bit hooker.

The NAME however, acts AS IF it were Jesus Christ within the FICTION. Again, the ONLY problem is that one failed to realize that when one accepts Jesus Christ (allows the consciousness of peace and forgiveness to enter and flow from one's heart), one ALSO accepts NAME AS-IF it were Jesus Christ, and the acceptance of such is what grants one with everlasting life and rebuts the presumptions of death and abandonment and GIVES-BACK the current usufruct of the Tree of Knowledge (dead to God, thus dead to the world) in exchange, allowing one to accept of the usfruct of the Tree of Life for Christ is the foundation as his blood allows one to go back to the Adamic Covenant wherein Adam and his descendants were instructed to SUBDUE (conquer) the Earth in his name for his glory (remove Satan from the Lands).

~ Boris

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