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The registration of the ColB is a presumption of abandonment of an Estate (interest) or DEATH.

The minor account is established at the same time, but held in TRUST within the Article IV Section 3 Clause 2 jurisdiction and the one using the SSN + NAME agrees to be surety until that one REBUTS the presumption of Death and EXPRESSES the resulting trust the registration of the BC created. This is the purpose of the Minnesota Rule 220 filing.

People can argue this all they wish but we KNOW this is the case and just verified it last Thursday and again this Monday. We also found the CFR codes that allow on to release them-self from being surety. (27 CFR 19.170-173)


27 C.F.R. 19.170(a)
27 C.F.R. 19.171(c) and 27 C.F.R. 19.172(b)
27 C.F.R. 19.173

You need to rebut the presumption of death and then release yourself from surety and all matters come to a grinding halt. We KNOW this is the case.

~ Boris

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