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The answer for the Mortgage Discharged revealed
— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
The answer for the "mortgage discharged" pdf file on the main menu page of the site has finally been revealed.

The UCC filing itself is just a notice ... in the ucc registry, it is public-private notice, but NOT part of the public record. When one files the UCC with the registry, one should probably also then file a copy of that UCC (once it is filed) within the county of residence and birth county ... now the paramount claim becomes part of the public record and stands as one's claim to all the proceeds regarding that entity.

The public-public "claim" initiated by the private-private image of god via his/her private-public interface.

It stands as one's claim upon which relief can be granted.

This appears to be why the mortgage was discharge with accord and satisfaction: principal escrow has been claimed and the trustees (administrators: usufructuary beneficiaries) now have to settle the accounts in favor of the beneficiary of the estate (naked owner: the one from whom the record was derived: the principal of the birth event: the image of god from which the event was recorded and registered)


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So, to change any aspect of the ILLUSION, one must cultivate one's own heart for the fruit; the PRODUCT, from that being is what determines how one's self, the world and its inhabitants are governed; the PROFIT from the PRODUCT.

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