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The Government's Gospel
— by hector hector

The Order of Government:
1. The Government
2. The NAME
3. The Man

The Government has its ten (10) Commandments and I will briefly expound upon them:

1. All benefits and privileges are accompanied by liabilities, and are granted to The Man in THE NAME.

2. THE NAME has chosen The Man for The Government even before the foundation/establishment of the Live Birth Certificate with the Privileged Certificate of Birth; that in THE NAME The Man might obtain holiness --- The Man was therefore appointed unto an “OFFICE” by THE NAME.

3. In that appointment, the “Destiny” determined for The Man is that The Man should be an heir--- a child of Inheritance/debt.

4. Accordingly, THE NAME accepted The Man for The Government.

5. In The Government, The Man has “Redemption” through The Signature of THE NAME.

6. In this is the making known to The Man THE MYSTERY of The Government; that in the “Fullness of Time” The Government will gather in “One Household” or “One Government Worldwide” all things under THE NAME, both Legal & Lawful.

7. This being the “Fixed Purpose” of The Government, it follows that in THE NAME, The Man has already obtained The Inheritance, for The Government makes “All Things” work out for its own SALVATION and for the purposes of its own will!

8. The Man who believes in THE NAME is SEALED with THE NAME; and, that Man is The Man of the Promise/Debt, because, The Man is THE SURETY of the Promised Inheritance.

9. This SEAL of The Man is “The Pledge” of The Man’s Inheritance until “The Redemption” of the purchased possession.

10. Until such “Redemption” or the idea of such is born from within, The Man who has The Government’s purchased Certificate of Birth, as the SEAL, knows what is the benefit & privilege of The Inheritance; that is to say, THE GLORY of The Future Inheritance of PERMANENT INDENTURE becomes his NOW through THE NAME with the SIGNATURE of The Man as SURETY.

USUFRUCT: The irony of it all is rather than THE NAME being The Man’s Surety… The Man is THE NAME’s, that is to say, The Government’s Surety.

“He who is convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still”