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— by Chuck Nasty Chuck Nasty
I have been reading and watching the videos, and feel I finally have enough comprehension to begin the process. the dept of revenue of my state had an employment garnishment on the NAME and since I received a "refund" check (without filing a return!) I called to check the status of the account. I gave the info and then she asked me was I NAME. at this point I told her I was not, that NAME was interest property of the US. she asked again and when she got the same answer she then asked if I had power of Attorney, otherwise she wasn't really able to talk about it. So, I am assuming they want me to make myself POA over the name? what can be accomplished if I do that? I'm thinking about returning the Check with the paperwork establishing the new and more perfect union with the state and federal govt. Isnt a trust formed if I deposit something of value with an official? if anyone has more experience or some general obvservations about the pros and cons of my plan, please feel free to respond. thanks and have a Blessed Day ! :)