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Hi there - I am new to this site ... I was referred by a friend to take a peek.  

Anyhoo ... re: "Jack Smith" (not his real name) ... I have been in the circles of Brandon, Jack and Jack's latest friend "Neo" for quite a number of years.  Please know, Jack makes it quite clear that he does not "practice what he preaches" ... his weekly calls are seriously for "entertainment only".  He offers no support and hides behind not only a fake name but also "Caleb" who sets up his calls.  With all this said, Jack seems to have a good heart but I question his sources, as he seems to regurgitate.

What I have gleaned ... one's "political status" has everything to with how one is portrayed within the military jurisdiction (aka U.S.) and if you are getting into any of the "Neo" stuff, please, just go straight to the source who is Eric Jon Phelps (Neo bases all his work on Eric's and his status docs are an off-shoot of Eric's).

The "Neo" character not only hides behind a fake name, you must pay for any interaction with him and you will never meet him in person.  What I also found interesting is that he also makes ya sign a "nondisclosure agreement" and then proceeds to teach his "students" a knock-off version of Eric Jon Phelps' information and Roark's studies re: Equity.  His claim to fame is that he successfully got a felony dismissed while at trial for same by not allowing the court to attach jurisdiction (i.e. disclaim "the name").  So ya gotta ask yourself, "What does he have to hide?"  If you were his student, really in a pickle and needed to contact him based on your utilization of his information, you'd be screwed.  He also has played multiple "pranks" on his "students" by emailing them things like, "I got visited by the Fed and now I can't teach class anymore."  (so what that you've paid me, see ya later !)  Not very nice.

I've met "Jack Smith" in person.  Nice enough man.  I have also met Eric Jon Phelps.  And while Eric is fairly "religious", he is not dogmatic and many of this processes have been tested, as he is his own guinea pig as the first one to test.  He has also had many students send proof of various success stories.

As Roark's teachings weave into Eric's and vice versa, and Jack Smith is, again, simply regurgitating what he hears from Eric and Roark with his own concepts, it is best to get yourself into one of the seminars the Eric and Roark have going on and get a handle on the EQUITY side of the courts, as it is truly the only "remedy" one has once he has corrected his status and claimed his inheritance (birth certificate is evidence of the inheritance to claim).

In other words, ULTIMATELY, NO REMEMDY CAN BE FOUND WITHIN COMMERCE, as "you" are still within the military jurisdiction!  So keep running down the commerce road, but the Equity "road" is the less traversed and is the key.  Equity is the "man behind the curtain", as it is what all the military courts are based upon.

In this whirlwind of information re: commerce and so forth, I have found it very helpful to have guides who are not afraid to show themselves in person rather than hide behind fake names and "blocked" phone numbers in the name of "privacy."