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Re: USUFRUCT basically means DOMINION, as explained by Boris
— by Monkey Business Monkey Business
If I may and In order to clarify, as I'm still wrapping my head around this oh so important word and what it represents, I'm going to throw in my two cents. Also worth noting this recording is many years past so understandings could have changed or have been refined.

As to "USUFRUCT basically means DOMINION;" if I had to guess, the reason he said usufruct basically means dominion, is because he meant possession/control/use rather than absolute ownership.

If we're using a definition of dominion that includes holding title and ownership, (like the definition above) then it clearly does not equate to usufruct, becuase usufruct only pertains to use and/or possession. So to me, dominion reads as BOTH legal title ownership and use of the property (usufruct) so I'd be careful equating the two. I mean we just want the use, right? If dominion means to use AND to own, then I'd claim dominion over nothing, but that's just me.

It's only a slight distinction, but perhaps an important one for clarification.