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I wish I could have a better detailed understanding of this.  

"the 220 allows one to EXPRESS the underlying TRUST governing the CONTROL over the property registered under that NAME on the BC."

I do not see the need for this affidavit.  This is not meant to disagree or be argumentative.  Is not the actual certified COPY of the birth title evidence of the trust?  The SIMPLE fact is man can ONLY receive a "COPY" of the title and not the original.  Since the original is held by State of XX, there must be a purpose for the State of XX to hold such original.  The only purpose suggests the title is not ours but considered property of the State of XX.  In theory, since all men are created equal with none above nor below, by seizing a man's "energy" to fund a bankruptcy - phony or real, does not hold up.  To be naked or spoliated sums up our "status".  Thus, we can only be mere users of such name OR property where such use benefits the belligerent occupancy of the US.  

Would not an affidavit of life with the surrender of the usufruct and the reversionary interest serve the same end?  Do I dare go into what I how many times I delivered and surrendered - AND willing to give paychecks - just to have it all administrated under the rule of usufruct?  From the Catholic church down to the local probate court.  ZERO response.  

Well, you may have a chance under Sessions to file as a foreign principal.  But I am lost as to why????  Are we not already considered "foreign principals" per LONs?  Yes, I agree as far as the US is foreign to the various "republic states" but what about State of XX?  [We KNOW the State of XX loves that US funding give a ways] Once peace is proclaimed [Hopefully with Mr. Trump - please God], does not everything SOON afterward revert back to a "truer republic"?  

WOW - Law is so frustrating,  I still do not quit see that the public official is not a foreign agent who must NOT register but we, as "our own nation" are "foreign officials with no legislative, judicial or executive branch" need to register, but for the moment, I will take your word.  I will look into this more.  If the US is a belligerent occupant and its employees work for the US or a subsidiary of the US, are they not foreign to the original intent of a republic form of government?  If the name is a US person, I do not see how that makes it or us foreign with respect to the FARA registration?  Maybe I am stuck in that it IS property of the subsidiary State of XX??  

Boris, I accept everything you say.  I told you previously, it started with an audio when you spoke with Captain Jade some years ago.  Everything you had said, it was like a light bulb that went on.  I could not quite get my head around the spiritual and the law - but I see now as above, so below.  

Like I said, I wish I had a better detailed understanding of this.  This has nothing to do with you Boris.  I just think my brain is overloaded.  It is similar to the spiritual walk as well, we travel in faith and trust, as there is a "veil over our eyes", but even if lost on the journey, it is only temporary, as our paths must ALWAYS go Godward.  Too, it is the same with this process.  The era we are in now, seems to be in chaos and turmoil, as we patiently wait to have the swamp drained.  Consciousness or the inner sense of God is rising and coming to the forefront.  

Boris, I am in Fort Lauderdale.  If you are doing a seminar this year over a weekend, I would like to visit.