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2 audios we sent over to me via Skype. I post them now for you all to listen.



Now, the one regarding the military makes sense .... it is the order takers of whom enforce the military/police state. Therefore, the police officer must also be sovereign, else if he kills someone, then the State is liable. But when things go awry, the officer is charged privately.

When one looks into matters a bit further and applying the usufruct to everything, the truth becomes quite apparent. Everything being done is done Constitutionally and according to Natural Law and it is we of whom are acting in belligerency: hypocrites and liars paying only lip service to God almighty; bandits and thieves stealing from God almighty and the legacy that was to be left in his Glory, and until this changes, we will be a fuct.

"The system" is set-up to administrate a usufruct against the violator of Natural Law and if one feels or sees "government" then one is operating outside of Natural Law and the enforcement of Man's Law against another is outside of Natural Law for Man's Law is the result of the Tree of Knowledge.

Therefore, if the people actually woke up, the officers and soldiers around the world would be held accountable for the usufruct they entrapped themselves in by blindly following orders of others who wish to keep their hands clean of the Karmic Debt obligation (usufruct) and now the "tricksters" and "Deceivers"; worshipers at the synagogue of Satan, would now be faithful servants instead of acting like unfaithful servants drinking and fornicating with the Whore (Satan).

These guys are showing those soldiers how to suckle at the teat of the whore (Satan; CITY OF LONDON). Those dog tags are EVIDENCE of a soldier's Karmic Debt Obligation (mark of Cain) and since their actions are SIN in heaven, they get what they need on Earth from Satan in this current system as "Gratitude" for their service in the War against God almighty and his Natural Law. (sucking the cock of their LORD)

When Cain received his mark he went out and built CITIES but those CITIES and their inhabitants we far removed from the Spiritual knowing of God almighty.

So, the Deceivers (sociopaths, psychopaths and their converts) are attempting to BE God by attempting to replace immutable Natural Law with Man's mutable Law and using the retards (the blind order followers) to enforce it so the Deceivers can inherit the Earth when all of the Creator's children accept the Mark of the Beast, the second witness that one accepts the Mark of Cain.

It is the PEOPLE of whom are the problem. The WAR is in the people: between their Heart and their Ego. Everything else is just the RESULT of the WAR; the WORLD to which one is witness, the self evident FACT of the God man currently worships.

You were born into the WAR, because the WAR always rages. Forgiveness sows the seeds of Love and Only Love can Kill the Demon.

The WAR is just 2 wolves inside each one of us: Which one are you gonna feed?

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.