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— by Gavilan Gavilan
You are a better man than me, I still can't get my head around it.

I have asked for guidance and I am still wondering out here in the wilderness.

This is something that has my mind clouded:

If God wanted us to be victimized by others, why would he give us the ability to reason?

Yes, if all men were righteous, we would not need governments to settle disputes, heck there would not be any disputes.

But as I sit here, and think about the things of this existence, some things come into mind that clash about our individuality: the physical and the spiritual.

I had a dream not too long ago where I asked what was all this about, and there was a voice that asked me what did I want the most of this Universe, I said that I didn't want anything. Then I felt a complete and utter peace and joy, when I woke up, I spend like a week on a high that I had never experienced before.

It's like something keeps telling me that the flesh is bound to this existence, but we are not of it.

There are times I feel a tremendous sadness for everything and everyone that has ever existed, and I give prayer and ask for forgiveness, for some reason just in case no one has ever done so, at least we can say that one of us has apologized for any and all transgressions we commit.

I don't get it, why couldn't I just be some little greedy bastard that could not see beyond its own interest?

The struggle is real.