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Furthermore understanding that there is no actual lawful money due to the trading with the enemy act and the emergency banking act, paying a debt with a debt is not actually paying for the debt and being paid with debt notes is actually slavery ( not truly being paid for your labors) so the remedy comes with Mr. Lincoln. 😊 So with the BC we are basically saying to uncle Sam don't worry about it, we got this. I can administer my account by giving away the intrest in this matter to the United States being that I am of the age of majority. (Claming the minor account) If I am not understanding all of this correctly please indulge me and set me straight. With this current understanding I hope to move on to the rest of your teachings concerning the SS4 &5 along with the passport. Once agai Thank you n God bless!
Fear- Its what drives the ignorant to the books of knowledge for fear of the backwards words of man. -Tad Akoni