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— by Redneck Hawaiian Redneck Hawaiian
First of all allow me to thank you for your patience with me over my last few posts.  The light bulb finally flipped on today with a study buddy and I. The understanding that we have both have come to is that the Government is collecting taxes on the people (minor accounts) in order to pay their debts in the future. When we claim and authenticate the BC it allows us to administer the "recipt" given to us at birth and the authority to discharge debt with the reversionary intrest.  I don't know why this shit never really clicked after studying what you and Jim have said, plus many others (I won't mention who, because I don't want people going down the wrong path....) for damn near a year now, that this shit never really clicked into gear until today. Your modern day parables have thrown me for a loop brother and I just want to thank the Lord for finally allowing me to understand what you have been saying this whole time. It is only because God allowed it that I can finally understand your teachings. I will keep you informed on my current situation and once again thank you for your patience!  God bless.
Fear- Its what drives the ignorant to the books of knowledge for fear of the backwards words of man. -Tad Akoni