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Regarding the Decedent Defendant ... NAME will ALWAYS be the Decedent to protect the Trust: to ensure that a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people shall never perish from this earth at all costs.

This ensures the one using the estate (decedent) either follow Natural Law as beneficiary of the covenants of God almighty (STATE as usufructuary; the user as Naked Owner) OR the estate (decedent) will administrated AS IF one were DEAD for the violation of Natural Law: STATE as Naked Owner; the user as the usufructuary (under License).

To keep the NAME a decedent ENSURES the debt obligations as a result of the violation(s): pensions and bounties: pay checks, tax credits, retirement plans and pensions for the Police, Judges, and other administrative personnel  that facilitate the suppression of the belligerents, to account for the DEBT, COST and EXPENSE of suppression, are automatically administrated AS IF the estate holder is DEAD.

The Administrators shall operate under the Rules of Usufruct to administrate the usufruct as Naked Owner and MANAGE the estate as a conservator and guardian to INVEST and SERVICE the assets and duties of the estate on behalf of the CESTUI-QUE of whom is the one using it in USUFRUCT to account for the DEBT as a result of the violations against Natural Law in order to protect the Public Trust which ensures the DEBT of operating the Public Trust remains PAID and the assets secured within the Trust.

The FACT that the NAME is a Decedent is actually a fulfillment under the Constitution for the people to be secured in their persons because the SS account is established to "account for" "secondary obligations arising from the use of the vessel under charter" and when one operates within Natural Law, the STATE becomes the usufructuary (Treasury receives all revenue and debt obligations) to ensure a Republican form of government remains protecting the Property Rights of the one operating the NAME.

Furthermore, NAME = Christ and the FACT that the NAME is a Decedent means Christ is in HADES (SHEOL) or the underworld, land of the dead and if we are faithful even unto death, we shall be granted the crown of life. Therefore, one must ACCEPT to represent the DECEDENT when one carries the spirit of the Lord with them as ambassador of Christ. When one appears AS IF one were the DECEDENT (represent), then the Spirit of Christ now resides within the NAME wearing the crown of life, thus the Law is Fulfilled because the Spirit of Christ lives in one, thus resides with the HOUSE-OF-THE-LORD = NAME and now the one receives the blessings thru the NAME from the LORD for the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ has taken his throne in the HOUSE-OF-THE-LORD.

Now, what EXACTLY are the assets of the Public Trust? And what is meant by "Secondary Obligations arising from the use of the vessel under charter?"

When one looks into matters a bit further and applying the usufruct to everything, the truth becomes quite apparent. Everything being done is done Constitutionally and according to Natural Law and it is we of whom are acting in belligerency: hypocrites and liars paying only lip service to God almighty; bandits and thieves stealing from God almighty and the legacy that was to be left in his Glory, and until this changes, we will be a fuct.

~ Boris

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