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Some additional thoughts regarding the 220 Affidavit:

Before you start belting this out in open court, try to at least ask the judge if he wishes to discuss this matter in private before continuing.

Something like: I am here in a beneficiary capacity, would it be possible to discuss this matter in private before we continue?

One is there as the estate holder, but APPEARING in a beneficiary capacity (of God's covenants) to represent the decedent defendant. Appearing in this context means "acting" ... This is the NATURE of being faithful unto death (Rev 2:10), you breathe life into the NAME by APPEARING in a beneficiary capacity, thus the NAME takes on that CHARACTERISTIC because you are REPRESENTING not yourself, but the DECEDENT-DEFENDANT, thus the DECEDENT-DEFENDANT is no longer DEAD (Abandoned), thus there exists no authority to administrate the DECEDENT-DEFENDANT estate (see Scott v. McNeal 154 U.S. 34 (1894)) for the DECEDENT-DEFENDANT is now the VESSEL through which God's covenants are fulfilled by the LORD unto the one using that NAME estate.

The question to the court regarding taking the matter into private is to give the court a chance to review the 220 filing, else there is no other option than to do you public inquiry in open court.

Then, you inquire as to under what authority does this court rely on to administrate this estate for it one's conviction that by way of one's filing with the Treasury this court has no authority and no letter of administration allowing this matter to proceed; What EVIDENCE does this court have to overturn one's conviction?

Above all else, keep this one thing in mind: This is a matter of national security, thus your job is to protect not only yourself, but the court, and most of all the ILLUSION, else no matter what one does that is correct in your mind or in Truth, one will be treated AS IF one is a parasite and threat to the integrity of the system. Remember the part in the Declaration that pledges on Sacred honor? Well, this is what that means.

This is done so those of whom come after you will be FORCED to grow up. This is the WHY behind the illusion: exists as the PARENT with a firm hand and loving heart. The corporations, governments, cops, jails, courts, judges, attorneys, religions, money and the like are merely aspects within the ILLUSION creating a veil of deception by the NATURE of the operation of the system to protect the Kingdom from infidels, ignorant, heathens and pagan to protect one's right to govern oneself: a republican form of government, but first one needs to comprehend what has been created by the grace of God almighty for the benefit of all of mankind (Adam), but if we fail to uphold the covenants, why should we stand protected and nurtured by the same?

Or you all can continue to fight with the ILLUSION; like trying to fight the wind, may as well just fight quicksand. And just how is this going for you all?

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.