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Next is for those who HAVE filed the 220 Affidavit in Minnesota. For this you will need the certified copy of the filing and maybe the Scott v. McNeal, 154 U.S. 34 (1894) US Supreme Court case:

the HOW ...

First off, the ONE-STATEMENT: "For the record, I am not here for private bar business, but as a private beneficiary of the public trust and I have an interest in the Decedent Defendant for there is a mistake and this matter shouldn't even be in court."

Then present the certified 220 Affidavit filing along with Scott v. McNeal. You can add a simple cover letter that read the statement or whatever you feel needs to go in it, if you wish.

I would try and do this OUTSIDE of court with someone like the Tax-Collector or Clerk of the Court and they will probably put into the hands of the County Attorney which is where you want it. But if one must do this in court and anyone questions you in regards, I recommend one stick to the 4 questions and statement from above, just to keep matters simple and adapt to the environment presented.

Now, the WHY

The 220 Affidavit serves as prima-facie interest of one’s beneficial interest AND that one is of age of majority AND that one is not dead thus the courts, the corporations, attorneys, etc... You are the Estate Holder and these  entities have ZERO authority to administrate the ESTATE (one’s interests represented by the BC) because they are mere TEMPORAL-COURTS and only have Letter of Administration rights over the estates of the dead (see Scott v. McNeal, 154 U.S. 34 (1894) ) … those entities hold the PUBLIC-ESTATES (NAME) in usufruct pursuant to INTERNATIONAL-TREATY (Hague Article 55)

Until the 220 Affidavit, the ESTATE-HOLDER is considered as FLED, which is the same thing as dead. The 220 Affidavit serves to give notice that the Estate-Holder has not FLED, thus is entitled to indemnification of which is the RIGHT to receive Gold, Silver and Title in payment for debts of which are now PLEDGED to the State to ABSOLVE the State of SIN or DEBT and thus ABSOLVE the Estate-Holder from the Same as consideration and done by way of operation of God’s Natural Law. (see John 20:23 and Matthew 18:18)

One is dead until one accepts Jesus Christ: the Christ Consciousness = one understands all one does in that name is for the benefit of everything and everyone except self. NAME = CHRIST and once one accepts Jesus Christ while being “considered dead”, one is granted the crown of Life (Revelations 2:10) and now the ESTATE (one’s interests in property) are no longer subject to Man’s Laws for one now eats from the Tree of Life with FULL-FAITH: conviction of action, thus operates without sin.

Unless one stands in violation of Natural Law, then one’s property interests (estate) will be governed as AS IF one were usufructuary of any property under the rules of usufruct (kicked out of the garden of Eden: Condemned) and administrated AS IF one were dead (LORD as naked owner) until one REPENTS (seek true forgiveness) and seeks to restore balance back to the Natural Law (acceptance of and walking in the path of the Christ Consciousness with conviction)

REMEMBER: LORD = LORD God = LORD of hosts = Government ordained by God to be on Earth (Romans 13) = Either follow Natural Law, keep to the Commandments of God almighty, walk as Jesus taught;  initiate actions that do no harm to other sentient beings while expanding the Kingdom of God almighty (doing for others and not just yourself: making the Earth better than was received as testament to his Glory and legacy for future generations)  and subdue the Earth with the light of this Truth, or you’re so fuct and the LORD administrates the resulting usufruct against the Estate of Condemned as Naked Owner (Estate being interest in Property; condemned = being put to death).

Hopefully this helps.
~ Boris

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