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Now, I came up with two recommendations one can use as a guide or even use to come up with your own, of which is more preferable because that demonstrates you OWN the information, not merely PARROT.

First recommendation is for those of whom have yet to file a 220 Affidavit:

the HOW ...

First off, the ONE-STATEMENT: "For the record, I am not here for private bar business; I am here for this matter for there is a mistake for it is my conviction that this certificate serves as prima-facie evidence of my interest, not of my identity, and I am to release my interest to this Governmental unit for absolution of obligations as this matter shouldn't even be in court."

Next the example of a Handwritten letter serving as a cover page:

Dear Governmental unit:

It is my conviction that enclosed certificate is prima-facie evidence of a certificated registered public obligation of which has been property executed by the issuer by the manual or facsimile signature or signatures of authorized officers along with a UCC filing that serves as an acceptable form of security or indemnity for there is a mistake as it is also my conviction that this certificate furthermore serves as prima-facie evidence of my interest, not of my identity, and I am to release my interest to this Governmental unit for absolution of obligations.

As always, it is my conviction that the United States insolvency act of 1933 is still in full force and effect and this Governmental unit has a fiduciary duty to account for the Property of the United States and of the States. Whereas, I release my interest to the custody of this Governmental unit allowing this Governmental unit to fulfill its fiduciary duties, responsibilities, and obligations under the United States insolvency act of 1933.

If there is a problem, error or mistake with respect to these convictions, contact me within 10 days and show cause and nature of the problem, error or mistake, otherwise, I trust the public obligation shall be honored and this obligation absolved for this matter shouldn’t even be in court.

Thank you for your service,

By: ______________________________
Estate Holder

Attach: BC, copy of UCC signed in blue ink at the bottom, copy of the obligation/case "Accepted for Value" and signed in blue ink, Form 56 ... make copies for self.

If anybody even attempts to argue or otherwise do anything to repudiate (fuctnut), then politely go into the 3 questions and end statement. If the judge gets involved, then do the same thing to him/her.

Excuse me, but can I have your Name?
(use John/Jane Doe when there is no answer)

Name, do you have a claim against me?
(answer does not matter because of question #4)

Name, do you know of anybody who has a claim against me?
(answer does not matter because of question #4)

Name, do you have any EVIDENCE overturning my convictions?
The added question, Name, do you have any EVIDENCE overturning my convictions? , is basically Proof of Claim that the counterclaim is invalid and where is the EVIDENCE or PROOF of such or is this fuctnut attempting to merely fabricate a controversy where none exists (Barratry) of which is then a contempt of court.

Conviction = without doubt = with full faith = without sin = the other party had also better be convicted in their beliefs thus provide EVIDENCE of Truth to the contrary; else they operate without faith and with sin = condemned. (see Romans 14:23 and Deuteronomy 19:15-21)

I request the order of the court be delivered to me immediately.

(using these 3 questions when being detained for one of my earlier matters, the judge answered the questions. Then after she answered the 3rd question, she said "Shit" and then the bailiff threatened to throw me to the ground. At the time, I thought I did something wrong, but now I see I transformed her into a witness)

Now for the WHY:

Maxim of Law: the burden of proof rests upon he who AFFIRMS, not he who DENIES … the court case itself is an AFFIRMATION that there is an OBLIGATION and you are the one of whom has the DUTY to service that OBLIGATION because they PRESENTED the OBLIGATION to you for ENFORCEMENT. Your initial statement is a DENIAL that you have the DUTY for you are of the CONVICTION that ISSUER (THE-STATE-OF-BIRTH) has the DUTY as a result of the ISSUANCE of the CERTIFICATE (this serves as a counterclaim) and who is this fuctnut to say otherwise?

Now, should the party of whom initiates the action even attempt anything other than proof the conviction is wrong, the action initiated is now evidence an  attempt to initiate an action that causes harm of which is now a violation of Natural Law and now the one of whom initiated the action is operating without Truth ( lack of good faith and without clean hands), thus operates in sin, of which is a dishonor upon the LORD; When one acts with conviction in Truth, one honors the LORD in the name of God almighty for whoever has doubts is condemned if they eat, because their eating is not from faith; and everything that does not come from faith is sin and the exercise of the RIGHT to eat has already occurred.

By acting without conviction in Truth, any party of whom initiates an action has disgraced and defiled the HOUSE-OF-THE LORD (such as a Court); Acted profanely, thus incurs the wrath of the LORD of hosts (war) for the contempt: CONDEMNED.

REMEMBER: LORD = LORD God = LORD of hosts = Government ordained by God to be on Earth (Romans 13) = Either follow Natural Law, keep to the Commandments of God almighty, walk as Jesus taught;  initiate actions that do no harm to other sentient beings while expanding the Kingdom of God almighty (doing for others and not just yourself: making the Earth better than was received as testament to his Glory and legacy for future generations) and subdue the Earth with the light of this Truth, or you’re so fuct and the LORD administrates the resulting usufruct against the Estate of Condemned as Naked Owner (Estate being interest in Property; condemned = being put to death).

Thus one’s property interests (estate) will be governed as AS IF one were usufructuary of any property under the rules of usufruct (kicked out of the garden of Eden) and administrated AS IF one were dead (LORD as naked owner) until one REPENTS (seek true forgiveness) and seeks to restore balance back to the Natural Law (acceptance of and walking in the path of the Christ Consciousness with conviction) and if thou art faithful even unto death; one shall receive the crown of life.

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.