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Now, we have had some positive moments using this CR(tm) method, but we could do better.

As such, people have had five successes in a row with more coming each day using some old information from the days of Winston Shrout and others ... the only difference with this old material and what these people did is that these  people added a UCC-1 filing and a form 56.

Here are the Templates. People can get UCC filings from all over the place, so that is not included.

in the next posting, we shall go over a simple method for dealing with court cases for those who wish or feel they must show up for whatever reason. Simple in that what one does is simple; Comprehending the functionally behind WHAT one does: the WHY, a bit more complex.

This is all based upon what Hallow posted regarding his friend, some additional information passed along by others, what I experience from first hand knowledge and my own convictions. The most important idea I can give: usufruct led me to all of this.
~ Boris

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