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— by orenda orenda
Awesome.... I totally get what you have written and totally receive the message God has given us!

I am well aware of the fact it is not about what you (Boris) think or you are trying to tell us, and I am truly grateful for your reply and the wisdom in the message.

I sincerely resonate with Malachi 3:10 and also completely comprehend Job 32:21... after all, a drivers license, health insurance, bank account, etc. etc. etc., there is only one Man or Woman.... but how many PERSONS have we taken on???? (my guess is dozens over our life time)

For myself personally, "I realize the Bible is the highest and final authority in Law" (not legal).....
'Law" - 'God's Law'!!! Even though it has been 'bastardized' and the fact there are over 14,800 differences between the oldest version of the Bible in the world (the Sinai Bible in the British Museum) and the KJV Bible. (My sincere feeling is a lot of the KJV is legalese... but if that is what the legal system chooses to recognize... then feed it back to them and hold them to it... what we must Not do... is to take it Literally as it is written... but rather to 'feel and know' the hidden message/truth within it)

My... (and I can not speak for others, but most likely a lot of other living Souls on this journey of Truth challenge is)... learning enough about the legal system (Ephesians 6:12) and knowing how to make what 'man' has created and spinning it 180 degrees back in their face, so we can walk into their 'synagogues' (Matthew 10:17) and for lack of a better term..."shoving it right in their face" (from and with a spirit of compassion, love and our Absolute God given Authority, of course) and demanding/requiring the 'administrator/justice of the peace', administer the judgment in favour of God's Law presented by the son/daughter/Man standing before the administrator/judge.

I sincerely 'feel' when we have the knowledge and the 'nads (...just a little testosterone speaking ...
ovaries for the ladies) to stand before any judicial representative (Romans 13:1-2) and lay down the Law (Romans 10:9-13) ... the judiciary, will by 'Law' (not legal b.s.) but God's Law... have no other choice but to give us our God given birthright/freedom. (but we had better know exactly what we require.... and what I require, will be completely... (thou in some ways very similar to what every other son/daughter/heir of God through Christ requires)... because we are unique 'living souls' unto ourselves... and foundationally we have the same basic needs... though individually... we are a completely new creation. (2 Corinthians 5:17-18).

God is forever expanding... and duplication is not expanding... it is duplication. The reason I have written son/daughter/heir of God... and Not... Child/Children... is (Galatians 4:1-7)

Thank you Boris. I am truly grateful for you, and for your willingness and wisdom to share and assist all of us who are on this path of seeking and ultimately finding/knowing Gods Truth. We are all 'One' in Spirit.

Bless you Boris,