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— by orenda orenda
Thanks for this Boris,

when you mention "one must seek the kingdom of God first and all else will be added unto them".... what specifically are you referring to/trying to get across to us, regarding what we need to do and what we need to be conscious of in order to our having found the kingdom of God and then having all else added unto us?

Also, "when one claims the BC and its resulting securities account (SSN), one claims control (naked ownership) of the usufruct the people leave for the future and becomes one of the people operating thru their divine (heavenly) estates to manifest heaven on earth thru their earthly estate"....

How are we leaving the usufruct of the people for the future if we are using it in the present moment once we claim "naked ownership"?

Please pardon my 'foggy brain', but I'm just not sure I follow......