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— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
"They" have already signed for the entity.

Whose NAME is at the top of the BC?
Who paid for the paper?
Who "owns" the information printed upon that paper?
Who issues the BC?
Whose signature is on the BC?

The point being, go back and read Hallow's post. His buddy did it nice and simple.

Until DELIVERY of the ASSET occurs, that one holding the BC will be treated AS IF that one were holding the ASSET directly, thus the USUFRUCTUARY. The USUFRUCT is the ASSET and once the ASSET is delivered, that one holding the BC becomes the NAKED-OWNER with full DISPOSAL-RIGHTS over the PROPERTY-INTEREST. The USUFRUCTUARY only receives the PROFIT from the DISPOSAL: revenues and debts accrue to the USUFRUCTUARY. (go back and re-read the duties of the usufructuary)

Read UCC 8-501(d)

(d) If a securities intermediary holds a financial asset for another person, and the financial asset is registered in the name of, payable to the order of, or specially indorsed to the other person, and has not been indorsed to the securities intermediary or in blank, the other person is treated as holding the financial asset directly rather than as having a security entitlement with respect to the financial asset.

Until Hallow's buddy came in and RELEASED the interest which completed DELIVERY of the ASSET (validated the BC Transactional Purchase or PLEDGE), Hallow's buddy was going to be treated AS IF he were still holding the ASSET directly and thus RETAIN liability for PERFORMANCE under the Rules of Usufruct.

The BC is the security issued by the INTENDED-RECIPIENT of the usufructuary interest, but if one does not ACKNOWLEDGE the TRANSACTION (akin to Acceptance of Christ), then the TRANSACTION never occurred (after-all, the TRANSACTION is a CONTRACT-UNDER-SEAL made with an INFANT, thus VOIDABLE) and the USUFRUCT remains as a REVERSIONARY-INTEREST and since one is "dead to GOD" here on Earth for NOT accepting CHRIST on Earth (BC = CHRIST here on Earth) one does not receive INDEMNIFICATION = forgiveness of DEBT (SIN).

And since one is "dead to GOD" here on Earth, one is "dead to God" in Heaven (As above, so below; as below, so above) and thus does not receive the promise of everlasting life, thus:

Commissioner v. Estate of Field - 324 U.S. 113 (1945): It makes no difference how vested may be the remainder interests in the corpus or how remote or uncertain may be the decedent's reversionary interest. If the corpus does not shed the possibility of reversion until at or after the decedent's death, the value of the entire corpus on the date of death is taxable.

(see Articles 7, 31, 38, and 134 of Lieber Code and keep in mind: fled = DEAD, receipt issued for indemnification = CHRIST and GOD = LORD = the government ordained by God almighty to exist here on Earth (see Romans 13))

And every court case and debt collection is nothing more than a TAXABLE-TERMINATION of interest so the outstanding account of the Earthly estate can settle DEBT and either one accepts CHRIST as the INSURANCE-POLICY or one's ass becomes the insurance policy.

This NOT about personal beliefs, this is about the DESIGN of "the system" and its OPERATION and either one chooses to live a life of peace (walking the path of living Divine Law or immutable morality) or one chooses to know a life of war (walking the path of knowing Good and Evil: Man's Law or mutable morality).

Either way, one will be usufructuary of the path chosen.

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.