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— by Tony Tony
Here I have to agree and disagree.  I too have studied Christian Science - which is an absolute doctrine.  Christian Scientists do not believe in doctors, they have practioners who are conduits who affirm the Truth of the individuals God Essence of Perfection.  Where God is, there can not be any thing unlike God.   The healing is automatic, it is, now we have to Recognize and Accept what is part of our Gift or inheritance.  Of course, this ain't easy.  However, we always get an "individualized" glimpse in a manner that makes us pause and if we are paying attention, I call it a "Oh, I need to pay attention to this moment."

In Brazil, one does NOT need faith or even belief.  Healing is NOT guaranteed either.  Faith and Belief HELP but are not required.  John of God performs what is referred to as "physical physic surgeries" to help people see in order to believe but actual the non-physical are more common and likely more powerful, as more can be done physically then physically, as the Medium works on the spiritual as well.  John of God works on 4 levels, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.  I have had both physical and non-physical.  John of God does NOT perform ANY healings, God does it all, with His allowance.  If you have not experienced this, it is very difficult to explain.  People from ALL over the world travel to this secluded place.  I have been there 4 times.  The three most common physical surgeries John as the MEDIUM does are the scraping the eye, rod up the nose [I had this done] and using a knife to cut open and area of the body that needs attention.  The non-physical surgery has been as dramatic - where I literally FELT as if I had a physical surgery.  Yes, you can say, it is my belief, but I have gone before him and said, do whatever you see I need.  I was not attached to what "I thought I needed".  Many people travel there without a clue on Spiritism.  They can travel there with hope but with limited belief.  Some "naysayers" have gone to "test" and came out of there with a healing.  I can state in a phrase what this experience is to go there:  Nothing that can be understood in America.  There is no logic to how or what he does.  Again there is much more to this "stuff", this is why I have studied the Spiritism to grasp a better understanding.  And again to be clear, it is NOT John of God that does the healing, he is JUST a conduit for the healing to take place.  God does the healing IF that is what God so wills.  

Not to be redundant, but to tell you my personal experiences, I have studied Spiritism, Christian Science, Science of Mind and some other minor spiritual thinking.  I have come to the conclusion, it is not one or the other that is right, but the possibility of healing, life issues, etc is not a singular game, set, match but rather a little bit here and there, as there is NO one thinking that has the Infinite Answer with finality.  Regardless of what "doctrine" one believes or resonates with, the bottom line in the end is the same - GOD.  And to me this is comforting.  For me, the Spiritism explained a lot of blanks.  The acceptance of Christ is only part of it.  One has to get off one's ass and then DO.  It is the interactions with "others" that bring about the "removal of the dross".