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Spiritists use magnetized water to help bring healing.  Of course, there is more than just the water, but this goes a little bit beyond for our conversation.

It is not the water nor the magnetism that did the healing. It was FAITH. Much like the CBD oil made from cannabis. The oil is not doing any work, the oil and plant were both provided by God, so God is doing the work thru the plant and oil. The plant and oil, and magnetized water for that matter, are "Faith Delivery and Restoration Devices". In reality, there is no plant, no oil, and no magnetized water for all of that stuff is the RESULT of being within the INERTIAL-FIELD. They are manifestations of the God-Force and your FAITH (belief) is what ACTIVATES their potential.

All healing is the direct result of FAITH. When people begin thinking it was the oil, the plant or even the water those "Faith Delivery and Restoration Devices" become IDOLS and the people become IDOL worshipers and their FAITH is now mistakenly entrusted with those who "control" those devices of whom become GODS while the rest become SLAVES.

Those that violate the law are subject to the rule of usufruct?  I do not understand.  Are you saying those that violate the Natural Law are subject to penalty for making false claims against God's property and thus, false witness, stealing, false gods, etc? And those public officials APPEARING as authority are present to "journey us back"?


The "actors" really have no authority, unless it is by the will of the Father, which means there exists accusations one must account for and answer within the Spiritual Realm. What you do one Earth must reflect what has been done in Heaven and vice versa; your SPIRIT and INTENT on Earth and in Heaven must match.

This is where the Courts of Heaven come into play. The ACCUSER may have been kicked off the throne, but the accusations remain and now he runs around down here manifesting the accusations within the Egos of Man and either Man adjust his way of thinking (Ego death and rebirth: repentance) or remain enslaved to Satan (ego manifest) remaining "dead to God" and thus "dead on Earth."

Acceptance of Jesus Christ = Ego Death and Rebirth = Moving from the South Node to the North Node to reintegrate the Feminine Energies with the Masculine System to achieve BALANCE within to effect BALANCE within the NATURAL LAW without.

This process BEGINS with the acceptance of the teachings of Jesus Christ thru the surrender to Christ Consciousness for the act of the surrender (one singular act of Love) is the Feminine Act that provides the Masculine System with something to protect and the "actors" within that system now are bound by covenant and duty on both the Spiritual and Material Planes.

Hence, the command to seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and God's Righteousness.

This is all about reintegration of the Masculine/Feminine Mirror (Matrix) shattering within the one and thus consolidation with the One without.

Like NEO in the Movie Matrix, one's mirror must first be mended.
~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.