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— by Tony Tony
I fully understand what you wrote.

Since you mentioned magnetism and water, I have been privileged to have journeyed to Abadiana, Brazil to see John of God.  It was based upon my "first hand experience" and asked the question:  How does he do this that got me to study Spiritism and Alan Kardec.  His first book entitled, The Spirits Book is in Q&A form with a 1019 questions.  Spiritists use magnetized water to help bring healing.  Of course, there is more than just the water, but this goes a little bit beyond for our conversation.  

There is no question about THEY reflect back to us, what is in our hearts.  There can be no blame, as first cause starts individually, then collectively.  And you got that right - 100%, we are given the "gift" of free will [which don't make me too happy] and we must choose Love or Pain.  The closer we are to Love, the less pain is manifested.  

From my studies in Science of Mind, Lord = Law.  In essence, the same definition.  The Vatican is the head trustee so that no "single one or family" claims the usufruct.  It is a gate keeper.  But, like everything on the planet, there seems to be a duality, where the Church does not quite do so much good.  Not judgment, just observation.  

Yes, we all must grow up.  I get this.  

However, I do not understand your sentence here:  "and that any and all of whom violate this One Law shall be thereafter governed under the Rules of Usufruct until such time as True Forgiveness occurs and balance within Natural Law restored."

Those that violate the law are subject to the rule of usufruct?  I do not understand.  Are you saying those that violate the Natural Law are subject to penalty for making false claims against God's property and thus, false witness, stealing, false gods, etc? And those public officials APPEARING as authority are present to "journey us back"?

When I say "come to honor with the system", I mean so I gather, that over many years, out of ignorance, I have made false claims to falsely presume that I am something I am NOT.  I falsely gave viability to PERSONS rather than the One True God.  It is presumed by those actors appearing as authority that I have a debt to pay, when in REALITY the there Is not debt or as some prefer to say, the debt has already been paid through Christ.  

When I say, come to honor with the system - more specifically, I want to let those actors KNOW, that I am sorry I may have made false claims, error and mistakes and I would like to make things right by several possibilities:  Give them the equity they need with a usufruct compliant certified certificate AND/OR release/surrender any presumptive claims AND/OR be of service AND/OR receive instruction as not to intermeddle in commerce.  This is the gist of what I wrote.