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And more importantly to ask, is this possible on earth or are glimpses of the Divine the possibility, if receptive?

I have been looking into the nature of magnetism, water and sound, the results are fascinating.

Along the way, I found this one researcher, Theoria Apophasis whom I really like.

I also recommend watching The M.E.S.S Theory Part 1.

This Earth itself appears to be the natural result of where the Inertial Plane is so great, all LIGHT ceases motion, thus creates "mass" within an energetic-magnetic field, thus this Earth one currently stands as witness IS the glimpse into the Divine; the self-evident FACT proving God for this is where one is WITNESS to the AT-REST-MOMENT of Light in Motion (on the 7th day, God rested).

The current state of this planet is the NATURAL result of Man's expulsion from the Garden; the result of the Energetic-Magnetic field of which is his Heart. (OR was it God that was expelled from the Garden by Man?) ... Either way, this is the fruit of that choice; self-evident FACT of a world without God in the hearts of the earthly inhabitants; The RESULT of the AT-REST-MOMENT of the Heart of Man on the aggregate (collective) level.

Go read Hosea 4 and when you read Hosea 4, try to keep in mind that LORD = VATICAN. You wanna know Good? By all means there is an immeasurable amount. Same thing with Evil. Man choose to know Good and Evil instead of Knowing Life. This world is the RESULT of the choice; Accept the knowledge of Life instead of Good and Evil, the RESULT changes automatically.

The only way to "undo" (change the RESULT) is accept the Light of Truth as your savior: seeking to KNOW God's NATURAL-DIVINE-LAW; not seeking to KNOW Good and Evil for those are mere relative self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic moralities. The RESULT of seeking the knowledge of Good and Evil is Man's Law of which is dictated by his emotional responses towards outward stimuli (Anarchy within, Control without)

This is what Jesus Christ taught and what is meant by the Christ Consciousness: the Light of Truth and the only way to the Father is thru that Light. (Control within, Anarchy without)

It really matters not what one's personal belief is: 100% irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the preservation of Divine Law: The immutable FACT that the only LAW is Natural Law with Usufruct being the divine retribution against any and all of whom violate Natural Law.

And it stands as a moral imperative one comprehend that the VATICAN (LORD) took it upon itself to hold one's heavenly and earthly estates in trust with the blessings of the Father until such time as one comprehends that there is only one law: Natural Law; there is only one reason for the creation of government: see Declaration of Independence; and that any and all of whom violate this One Law shall be thereafter governed under the Rules of Usufruct until such time as True Forgiveness occurs and balance within Natural Law restored.

I know for a FACT this is truth; none will ever dissuade me from saying otherwise for I have been witness unto this truth as I have watched it all play out over the last 3 or so years and culminate over the last few weeks in my own life regarding personal spiritual matters and those that serve the FALSE-LIGHT are BOUND to this one immutable FACT: the only LAW is Natural Law with Usufruct being the divine retribution against any and all of whom violate Natural Law. I have personally witnessed the Beast give up, relinquish and free what its minions claim as their own once the violation of this immutable truth occurs; this is not done without REAL conviction.

Incorrecto, it is about coming into honor with the system FIRST, then all things will come thereafter.

What does it mean to "come into honor" with "the system"?

There is no "remedy" other than "seek ye first the kingdom of heaven" and "keep to the commandments of God and walk with the Faith of Christ" ... that is it. Everything else shall be added unto you. How do you think I found out about the Usufruct? I was led there in my search of TRUTH. I only seek God's mercy for I know and accept the FACT I am a sinner for if I were a saint, I wouldn't be here.

"The system" creates the "current control structure" depending upon the heart of Man in the "aggregate" (collectively); exists as the NATURAL result of the operation of Natural Law and the Usufruct; The current state of the world exists as the DIRECT-RESULT of Man living outside of Natural Law, trying to BE God (Know Good and Evil). If Man wishes to BE God, then he shall have the duties OF God and if he shall FAIL in his duties AS God, then he will BE Fuct.

THIS is the nature of "the system".

Now, one can begin to know HOW to "come into honor" with "the system." But first, one must comprehend the WHY.

It is people's faulty perceptions that lead people to think "the system" is broken when in reality, the people are broken.

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.