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— by Tony Tony
At this time, I have done most everything I know what to do, and prayer with INTENTION has not been scarce, even setting the intention before sleep.  

I have been blessed to have studied spiritual Law for 18 years, and most intently, having traveled to "witness first hand of the Divine in action."  I liked your Yokar attachment, yes it is about bringing the two male/female together.  I have no issue being tested.  Testing is good, but at some point, some finality or resolve of “some thing” must come.  To journey without a final destination, well, I hope and trust, I do life with a little more intention.  

Here is the only little problem – not being negative but rather just trying to do what I sense is the right steps.  How many are in that Divine Flow all the time?  And more importantly to ask, is this possible on earth or are glimpses of the Divine the possibility, if receptive?  I know for me, sometimes, I just need an episode of I Love Lucy just because my head is overwhelmed and my heart is tired.  I am not whining, I am just saying, without doubt, like many of us, OK what more can I do.  I seek, and I find but no resolve – only more seeking.  

Sorry to use the word "remedy", I am not quite what word to use.  However, I do understand what you wrote.  I had many conversation with Howie as well.  I wrote AND went to see two priests, one in Miami and the other in Fort Lauderdale during the Jubilee of Mercy.  Included where Affidavit of Life, Baptism Certificate and Petition for release in Jubilee.  Much effort, zero response.  One priest thought I was nuts, the other one simply did not respond.  You may ask, why do you ask man for anything?  Incorrecto, it is about coming into honor with the system FIRST, then all things will come thereafter.  These men are representatives of the system.  I have done my best to be honorable FIRST as a way to say, forgive me MY trespass, it was unintentional but I am here to make it right, I have seen the light.    

Maybe to ask the question better - have you had success, meaning a favorable outcome with the irrevocable living trust?  And if so, what exactly was the favorable outcome?  

I like the irrevocable trust idea, it does make sense, control, not own – where have I heard that before?  Mr. Rockefeller?  

Boris, as I have said previously to you, you have provided so many insights from the time of Captain Jade to now, along with John {Tanis] that I am sure without the two of you, my journey would be far back a ways.  I was not able to quite tie the spiritual with the legal but realize there is in fact a parallel.