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— by Tony Tony
I did not say Trump can do this himself.  No one can do anything by oneself, it is about the fragments of the whole coming together.  We are here to "move humanity forward, meaning always toward the Divine."  There is no backwards, only stationary and forward.  

I also can not dispute what you say about Trump, potentially can be betrayed.  What my sincere hope is that the conscious of humanity has risen ENOUGH at this point in time to bring about a significant CHANGE.  And not O'bama's change, but real change, an exponential "jump", if you will.    

And too, I fully agree that there must be a single voice of FREE WILL choice recognizing we are just playing roles for a higher purpose.  This journey is all about Love [though I suspect no one on the planet can quite say they understand or feel this Love at all times].  Love or God's essence, under Natural Law ALWAYS brings about what It can only be, Infinite Bliss, unimaginable to the human mind.  But I must say, I have been blessed to have a minor glimpse of It without fully understanding - at the time.