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Boris what you write, though a little confusing at times, is most accurate - spiritually and for this dimension.  I had not heard from you prior that the name was anything but a gift to be USED as a pathway to the Christ.  Why would anyone change something that they did not create NOR own?  The name is a tool to be used in commerce, and of course you bring up the excellent point of 31 USC 3713b or he who intermeddles in the infant’s estate must account thereafter.  Makes sense.  

Here is a question:  “Afterwards, we were to contact the SS with our affidavit 220 and rescind the original Application and receive our ITIN from IRS (ie: tax treaty) which then serves to PERFECT one as foreign beneficiary of the INDIVIDUAL / US PERSON on the various W-8XXX forms and then go correct any records.”

When you refer to affidavit 220 are you referring to MN Rule 220?  I am no expert, but the way I read that is as follows in my words:  The state register is authorized to receive the COLB or original title to property pertaining to state property, a person so named in said certificate of title showing date of acceptance or berth of said owner or state of XX providing there is attached an attestation from an authorized person “making up the facts” with regard to informants [parents] and attending authorized persons [nurse, doctor] on behalf of the state of XX and after the age of 18 years from date of acceptance or berth, the state will accept the person named as personal surety for said use/claim of ownership for state property as liable trustee in all matters related to commerce.    

I do not know if this is what you mean by affidavit 220, as much info has circulated on the MN 220 rule.  

How does one rescind the original application?  Is this the example posted under the Template SS5 where one marks other as Estate Holder?  

I do not recall exactly now, but you must fill out a SS4 for the irrevocable trust.  I recall either seeing this form or this being discussed, I do not remember exactly now.  

The irrevocable living trust must be set up – It looks like for $2500, if one decides to go this route:

I will almost embarrassingly admit, only because I do know better, that what we resist, persists.  Of course, I am open not only to learn but also to be of service.  But we have talked about this previously, I like so many are simply frustrated.  As I previously stated, I have enough paper sent out to MANY public officials from the pope down to local county probate judge to wallpaper the living room.  It has all been ignored, from surrenders to example declaratory judgment, from Peace to gratitude and a willingness to – “in support of this declaration … and our sacred honor”.  ZERO.  

AND by the way, I wrote the Donald with regard to the Proclamation of Peace and the end of the fed.  I got a general thank you but no substantive response.  I KNOW that Donald is aware of the dangers of the Fed.  I sent Donald maybe 30 pages of documentation on this matter.  I plan on following up with a local Donald contact.  I will not let this go.  AND yes, my sincere hope and prayer that Donald is going to drain the swamp.  But until then –

Boris have you had any success with your “Irrevocable Living Trust Remedy”?