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— by Tony Tony
Does this not give us some hope for the POTENTIAL that Mr. Trump will do the right thing on behalf of the people?  Again, I do not see him as a "Savior" but rather one to HELP the people find their way out of Egypt.  Donald is going to EXPOSE the evil and bring it to light.  And he is going to be tested.  And no I did not vote for him - as the name I use is not registered to vote.  However, I still honor and respect what he is trying to do, regardless of bombastic ego/entertainment factor - which I still say is an ACT to through everyone of the assholes into a frenzy - and it is working.  

I have come to appreciate this man.  He gave an interview with Bill O'Reily and when asked about Russia and Putin being a killer and Trump responded "There are a lot of killers, you think our country is so innocent, take a look at what we done too, we made a lot of mistakes, I've been against the war in Iraq, a lot of killers around"  --- I was floored Donald said this.  

I am not looking for agreement on this matter.  I am simply putting out there - yes do not be a part of the system but at least give this guy a break.  It is POSSIBLE he can do a Proclamation of Peace and return the people back to Peace.  And I affirm:  From my lips to God's ears.  

We have all struggled with this path.  It is possible, Grace and Consciousness [meaning enough of this shit] has shifted and we need some erratic, time bomb type of personally to unnerve these evil one.