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I kinda like Mark’s Natural Law videos; has hits and misses, but it is a shame he does not make the singular connection that the ENTIRETY of the “control system” is in place because man REFUSES to abide by Natural Law, thus has become USUFRUCT (in my experience and opinion, I am led to believe that this the only word one need comprehend) of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (the Genesis 3 curse: subjective/relative morality) which is apparently HOW the “DARK-OCCULT” (the old money and power generational families) gains and maintains its so-called power, because man chooses to remain ignorant. (Read Hosea 4).

[Side Note: Like it or not, I use the BIBLE as reference because the BIBLE is the PLAYBOOK:
Instructions for
Empires: one within no army can defeat; one without no ignorant mass can withstand.]

If Mark and others made this connection, people’s entire viewpoint would change with respect to the material they present. We would be putting our energy towards the TRUTH because USUFRUCT is a Universal Truth: divine retribution for violations against Natural Law and for which the “control structure” stands implemented.

The entire “control system” IS operating under Natural Law for if man refuses to govern himself from within, then he shall surely be governed from without to PROTECT the USUFRUCT of the Earth for future generations for our DUTY is to ensure that future generations receive a better USUFRUCT of the Earth than the current generation received and the current “control system” exists as the protectionary mechanism to protect the USUFRUCT within the Declaration of Independence Trust from the heathens, infidels and pagans (the ignorant who fail and/or refuse to take responsibility for themselves and their actions) who would otherwise undermine the RIGHT for one be KING over one’s self.

Jefferson once wrote to Madison: “I set out on this ground, which I suppose to be self evident, “that the earth belongs in usufruct to the living”: that the dead have neither powers nor rights over it … Then no man can, by natural right, oblige the lands he occupied, or the persons who succeed him in that occupation, to the payment of debts contracted by him. For if he could, he might, during his own life, eat up the usufruct of the lands for several generations to come, and then the lands would belong to the dead, and not to the living, which would be the reverse of our principle.

What is true of every member of the society individually, is true of them all collectively, since the rights of the whole can be no more than the sum of the rights of the individuals.”

The “current control system” is the NATURAL result of the EXISTENCE of this Trust within the Sphere of the Law of Nations underwriting, insuring, ensuring and guaranteeing each one of us the RIGHT under NATURAL-LAW to govern ourself without the need to be governed shall be PROTECTED-AT-ALL-COSTS: free will must be protected for this is Universal Truth lest all that remains is SLAVERY.
There is only ONE-LAW operating and governing all sentient beings in creation, Natural Law; There is only ONE-REASON governments are to be created: see Declaration of Independence; Any and All of whom violate this ONE-LAW stand as USUFRUCTUARY, thereafter governed under the RULES-OF-USUFRUCT, until such time as TRUE-FORGIVENESS occurs and BALANCE with NATURAL-LAW is restored.

It is a MORAL-IMPERATIVE one comprehend and understand lest one ENSLAVE one’s self completely to IGNORANCE as its BRIDE with WILFUL-AND-INTENTIONAL-INTENT as one’s FREE-WILL-CHOICE.

Check out the rest of the website for more information as to HOW we can undo what has been done by understanding WHY things appear to be as screwed up as they are.

There is a REASON behind the MADNESS.

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

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