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NOT SPAM! Hello Boris...... I pray U and Ur family are well
— by jose/anna:) jose/anna:)
I came across a recording from a 2015 blogtalk radio show with Carol and Michelle.  I have studied your work since I first heard you on Cleo Harmony's program.  Since then, I have studied your website, and listened to a lot of the recordings, particularly with your friend "Buddy" - the skier in a Northern Country-state and shared with others.

The 2015 recording with Carol and Michelle really got my attention, more so than any other show because in just the first 30 minutes, U summarized the WHOLE BC 'state program' and painted a crystal-clear picture.  Thank you.  I did transcribe those 30 minutes to send to other research friends who were also studying "usufruct" and "reversionary" info.  Now, the reason for transcribing was that you speak so fast that and folks who are either hard of hearing or have a hard time keeping up with you quick 'thought process' may get discouraged or not be able to REALLY get the concepts of your presentation.....  I am sharing that transcription to see if I've heard it correctly, because I will eventually get to the end of that recording....  as my time permits and the WIFI continues to work!!

Anyway, haven't been able to go to your website to see what updates there are, but I will eventually catch up, lol!  Just wanted to get this message out while there's a break in the crazy weather we're currently experiencing. 
BTW: before I forget, someone recently asked me this question:  your friend Buddy described his friend who took his BC for authentication....  Did your friend ever say that the man 'endorsed' his BC and then left the authenticated BC with the SOS representative?  hope that questions makes sense.... 

thank you again....and blessings to U and all!!  jose

11-19-15 - Blogtalk transcription - Boris & Michelle hidden documents.doc (68K) Download Attachment