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— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
and until delivery is completed, that is ratification of the underlying transaction with respect to the birth event: transfer of the usufruct to the Treasury, one is considered trustee of a trust holding that property for the benefit of another for the Government/State/whatever intended to benefit from the transaction, thus is now beneficiary of the trust created by the failure to deliver and the one using the property is TRUSTEE

The SSN/SIN or whatever individual numbering system is used to denote property held in trust for the benefit of the CROWN ... The Crown / Queen controls Social Security ( : King George was the "Arch-Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire and of the United States of America" and King of BOTH England and France See: Treaty of Peace (1738) 8 U.S. Statutes at Large)

In UNITED STATES, The BC is nothing more than the ESTATE of the PERSON held in TRUST with CONGRESS as a TERRITORY within the NORTHWEST-ORDINANCE and administrated pursuant to Article IV Section 3 Clause 2 of the US Constitution, pledged to pay the DEBT of the United States to England and France (ie: Holy Roman Empire)  pursuant to Article VI of the US Constitution.
United States Constitution is nothing more than a DEBT-REPAYMENT agreement between a DEBTOR (united States of America) and CREDITOR (CROWN acting on behalf of the Holy Roman Empire: VATICAN) and until such time as one does the 220 Affidavit, the BC is an OUTSTANDING certificate of title to the ESTATE of the PERSON; In essence, the one using the NAME+SSN is a PUBLIC-CONTRACTOR (PUBLICAN) operating on behalf of the BEAST (VATICAN, CROWN, UNITED STATES: UN) in service of Article VI of the US Constitution until such time as one executes the 220 Affidavit and begins to come out of her.
~ Boris

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