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As you know the FOIA only works on federal government agencies or officials. To spare you a long story the court case was today and I showed up.

A week ago I put in a notice of violations of codes statues and rules And cc'd to the chief justice, the first justice, in the debt collector. I put my mother in laws name at the bottom in at the signature line I did an x. Below that I put my name first-middle house of last name, Signed it and underneath that I put friend of the court, peaceful inhabitant, witness.

When they called the name I stood up and said I was here for that matter and that I come as a friend of the court and a witness to a crime. I said that there was misprision felony 18 USC 4,(I read it to him) and asked the court to take judicial  notice that the plaintiff is a fictitious entity and his attorneys are practicing law without a license. I told him that they are foreign agents bringing in a private claim. They are not registered with the foreign agents registration act of 1938 and Are not registered with the attorney general according to 22 USC 612. I try to get in as much as I can before he shut me down. I told him again that I'm just there was a witness to report a crime and that i'm bringing it to the proper authority and he told me I have no involvement in the case and he told me to sit down he called it for the second hearing. To shorten the story when he called it for second hearing he let me go up step inside the bar ask the attorney what he wanted to do and the attorney said he motions that the case be taken off the list and then the judge okayed it and said case taken off the list. I thank him and smiled and he just put his head down and then I walked out