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one is beneficiary (naked owner of the usufruct one leaves for the future generations: dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:26)) of the Living Trust one establishes while the State receives benefit (usufructuary or Trustee) of that Living Trust ... King George and the others that came after him are the beneficiary of his actions (the Trust created as a result of his actions pays the monarchy so much for up-keep and maintenance and shit like that) but the Crown Estate (HM Treasury) receives the benefit: both revenues and debts accrue to the Treasury so any debt created to run the Estate is accounted for, thus NO debt remains in circulation as a result of the actions of the Monarchy and Crown Estate.

Debt right now is created by the people via loans, claims against their brothers/sisters and demands for "payment" to acquire the products and services provided thru the investment into the county thru the Treasury via the "investors" in the country, of whom right now are the Bankers, and all these corporations and such act as "Debt collectors" and "tax agents" to collect on the interest owed to the principal investors: the Bankers, and the principal investors (Bankers) DICTATE what products and services shall be VIABLE in this current economic environment.

When we are done, the living trust one operates thru will act as a debt recycling mechanism and fulfill the Banking Act Lincoln and his administration put into place during the civil war for the trust one establishes becomes a "bank" and "invests" in the security of the nation: thru goods and services provided, securing a state of national independence: national security .. now the PEOPLE (as principal investors) will DICTATE what products and services shall be VIABLE in the resulting economic environment. (ie: free energy, non-gmo food production, clean water, clean air, etc ...)

An economic environment providing the best for all involved (ie: meet the Yokar) and the people operating thru their divine (heavenly) estates shall manifest heaven on earth thru these earthly estates (as naked owners) ... However, one must seek the kingdom of God first and all else will be added to them ... everyone and everything else shall be usufructuary.

Then, there is no need for executors for one is no longer dead and now these guys are just administrating the trust one establishes and since it is irrevocable, there is no wiggle room for all revenues and debits accrue to the treasury so there is no more debt for which needs accounting, at least for those operating as such.

When this debt recycling mechanism is put into place, the debt can GROUND out. Otherwise debt just creates "War" which then puts the people into PTSD condition which creates zombie-vampires

This is the nature of energy. If the energy build up by the existence of DEBT is not grounded, it will and does destroy the land (liquefaction; ie: quick-sand and a foolish man builds his house upon the sand) ... that energy must be released or the vortex will continue to suck everything down. Release the vortex and the opposite effect occurs where all rises and in the middle, or collapse point, you get the "sound of silence" which generates zero-point energy and reveals God.

Now all one does is spend debt out of existence which creates the asset for the treasury via CLEAR-TITLE so new debt, of which is an asset of this fuct up world of which we are to just be in, not part, can be created and commerce can exist in peace without war for there is no longer a need to "liquidate delinquent creditors" (the people) ... commerce = communication = fulfillment of contract

that is all commerce is: fulfillment of contract, and without this mechanism put into place, commerce has no choice but to exist upon the seas via maritime/insurance = war = liquidation of delinquent creditors (the people) ... We do not fulfill on the contract, the State via the Treasury is to do this = physical manifestation of Christ here on Earth.

It is written that he who BENEFITS ought bear the burden and the State BENEFITS from the usufruct of the people as they exercise their dominion (naked ownership) over the Earth as usufruct of the Earth for the Earth belongs in usfruct to the living; the dead neither have claim nor right of which is the principle on which this nation was founded.

This is the "spirit of self-governance" ... now we are no longer part of the territory under control of Congress ... go back and read the Carey Currency Letter ... we are finishing that process. The problem is no one told the people and the government can't force the people to operate this way for that would be involuntary servitude ... this must be done via FREE-WILL-CHOICE, which is why communist, socialist, and eventually capitalist ONLY societies will, shall and do FAIL: all of these are FORCED upon the people and the people have a natural tendency to rebel against what is FORCED upon them. ... thus self-governance thru one's service to the HIGHEST authority: the will of God for God is in control.
The people stand as naked owner of the IMAGE of the nation via its production of goods and services but always usufructuary with respect to the FRUITS of that IMAGE while the State is always usufructuary of the IMAGE and naked owner with respect to the FRUITS of that IMAGE ... Reap what is sown.

Therefore, the State is MADE in the IMAGE of whatever direction the people dictate; not the 535 members of Congress, not the president, not the judiciary and definitely not the corporations or bankers, but this is only true when the people grow the fuck up and take responsibility, otherwise the people shall remain under territorial governmental control of United States thru Congress, Senate, President and its judiciary, corporations, and bankers as infant decedents: children, thus unable to be (re)born of the free woman thru Christ = stuck in purgatory/hell/Hades for life: Dead to God thus not protected by Divine Providence.

usufruct of the Tree of Life or usufruct of the Tree of Knowledge: the choice is yours; Either way, one is beneficiary of a Trust. There is no escape and resistance is futile.
~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.