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My reasoning brought me to conclude that a non-statutory irrevocable living trust was the way to go. In other words, no attorney style "legalese" nor any language subjugating the trust under any man-made jurisdiction. You seem to confirm this reasoning, however, that means one must write their own trust, keeping all that in mind, since any "template" found would be full of legalese and subjugating language.

The body of the trust indenture could still declare the render of the statutory creation (FIRST MIDDLE LAST) to its creator (STATE) while not divesting one iota of the lawful and superior divine standing of the trust or its creator/grantor.

One must familiarize oneself with proper writing of trust agreements in non-statutory form in order to remain without the STATE's realm while rendering the usufruct back where it belongs.

Is anyone familiar with good resources to read and study so as to write a proper trust in non-statutory form?