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— by Hallow Hallow
Yup, reconcile with God and as per the whole duty of man, Ecc 12:13, keep His commandments, the greatest of which are at Matthew 22:35-40 = service. The basis of the problem is we claimed absolute beneficial ownership of property. We want the property and the money = greedy little gremlins. But it is not our property to begin with nor to have use and enjoyment of but what we need to serve; to carry out the will of God. Love, service, is the energy that expands.

Supreme Court of Canada: Elliott v. Canadian Credit Men's Trust Assn. Ltd. Pg. 6 "All that is necessary to establish the relation of trustee and cestui que trust is to prove that the legal title was in the plaintiff and the equitable title in the defendant. Justice requires that the cestui que trust, who gets all the benefit of the property, should bear its burden unless he can shew some good reason why his trustee should bear it himself. The obligation is equitable and not legal, and the legal decisions negativing it, unless there is some contract or custom imposing the obligation, are irrelevant. Where the only cestui que trust is a person sui juris, the right of the trustee to indemnity against liabilities incurred by him by his retention of the trust property has never been limited to the trust property; it extends further and imposes upon the cestui que trust a personal obligation enforceable in equity to indemnify his trustee.

Lord Lindley points out in the Hardoon case that this language, although open to criticism if applied to cestuis que trustent who are not sui juris and also sole beneficial owners, shews plainly enough that it was taken for granted as well settled that, speaking generally, absolute beneficial owners of property must in equity bear the burden incidental to its ownership".
When one signs as purchasers of property, he or she claims absolute beneficial ownership of property. I have a form here put out by the Ministry of Finance, Return on Acquisition of Beneficial Interest. It is why you receive the property tax bill because what was actually purchased was the monies worth, the consideration, as indicated on said form.