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just a DBA. Name-change is done thru the probate.

In fact, you really do not even want the DBA. The DBA registers the NAME in commerce. When one establishes the Irrevocable Inter-Vivos Living Trust, the Trust may do business as NAME, but this will not be registered in public. The Trust and its business remains PRIVATE; on the land, not on the seas of commerce ...

see Isiah 60:5 ... one is either with God or not, one can not have one foot in and one foot out, that is hokey-pokey and turns yourself around.

The DBA is just another way to act in belligerence; another TRAP.

Again, something else for which I need apologize and ask forgiveness if I have led people to think and act otherwise and probably something else people will be pissed of with me over for having posted.

Oh well, to all those who are angry with me over what has been posted within this warning or even within the site itself, take a number, the line forms to my rear and goes around the block.

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