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The Northwest Territory provides a method for admitting new states into the union from the territory.

The BC before the registration of claim places the BC subject to Article 4 section 3 clause 2 under jurisdiction of congress as an acquired territory under martial law conquest (BC being a VITAL RECORD for and of the UNITED STATES) for the BC arises from operation of martial law (Article 134 of Lieber Code to Restore Public Order and Safety (Article 43 of Hague)) creating a natural usufruct in favor of the receiving State as trustee over the subject of the usufruct (one whose birth was registered) of whom is naked owner of Dominion under Genesis 1:26 ... State is usufruct of Man of whom is usufruct of the Earth of which God is Naked Owner.

But the BC itself is a "receipt for indemnification" provided one did not die nor flee (abandon) to ensure one retain the opportunity (free will choice) to claim their "estate" or "State within the union" as a King/Queen.

the Minnesota rule 220 affidavit and subsequent filing with the BC to the Reg of Titles claims (ie: salvage: a reclamation project) the estate from being Flotsam/Jetsam/Derelict (ie: belligerent) and enters into a "more perfect union" (bride with Christ as the bridegroom of whom will carry one over the threshold and into the Kingdom of Heaven) for everyone is guaranteed a Republican Form of Government. Right now, every is part of the Publican Form of Government.

What is a Publican? For this see Luke 18: 10-14.  Publicans were despised Jews who collaborated with the Roman Empire. Because they were best known for collecting tolls or taxes (see tax farming), they are commonly described as tax collectors. The parable, however, does not condemn the publican's occupation (Luke 3:12-13), but describes the publican as one who "recognizes his state of unworthiness before God and confesses his need for reconciliation". Coming to God in humility, the publican receives the mercy and reconciliation he asks for.

Therefore, a Re-Publican form of government is one where the sinner can always ask God for mercy and reconciliation; the Doors of Mercy are always open (ie: Church of Philadelphia).
The name-change removes the property from the territory via a DECREE, thus no longer part of the union and then acts as the Mark of Cain rendering the one of whom did the name change as a vagabond and wanderer whose face/presence is hidden from God. Those with this mark may not be harmed by others, but the earth shall not produce fruit for them no matter how hard they toil.

HOWEVER, since everyone is guaranteed a RE-publican form of government, those of whom have done the name-change can always REPENT: declare allegiance with God, Repent and Accept Christ (ie: operate thru an Irrevocable Inter-Vivos Living trust wherein everything has been surrendered to the Treasury in fulfillment of Malachi 3:10 and Matthew 19:21), and ask for mercy through the Courts of Heaven.

But, I am led to believe the "promise of earthly treasures to be received" shall be too much of a temptation for these folks as they appear to have succumb to the Specter of Doubt; the False Light: Fedora the Explorer (as he is called in some circles) and believe "the System" is evil and corrupt for this is what brought them to this path.

Remember, Matthew 19:21 commands one that to receive the treasures in heaven, one must sell theirs on earth and give it all to the poor, those that do the name-change are operating out of Ego (ie: to get what is mine) for they appear to seek not first God's righteousness and the Kingdom for they worry about the future and tomorrow.

Thus expanding the Kingdom of Satan through this rejection of what God hath ordained.

Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it? Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets ~ Amos 3:6-7
~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.