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— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
go for it ... people do it all the time, they call those things mortgages.

issue a promissory note, you have a issued a promise to pay and establish yourself as surety on the note. Now, it is your job to service the promise you just issued for it is YOUR offer (promise) to pay.

Now, you can get validated for a loan and then when you sign the promissory note, do so while retaining all unalienable rights and do so under 40 stat 411. But the promissory note MUST be issued as a result of a PUBLIC-OFFERING. I know of some of whom have done this, but the note still remains, the debt is only DISCHARGED into the future, making it a security: a burden borne upon Society: United States and every one is considered citizen by the results of their own SINS (actions) until one can show otherwise. The Debt (SIN) still remains, only instead of being the burden of one, the debt is now the burden of all.

Hell, this is how these corporations have been operating and how has that turned out for everyone?

This is how all of this shit works: Socialize the SIN, have everyone partake within it, knowing or not, does not matter, render it part of the Community, fractionalize the SIN providing the funding to corporations to produce the FACE the people choose for their Community and then sell the product of the SIN back to the people of whom promise to be surety through their own SIN and call it freedom. The SIN is the benefit for choosing NOT to expand the kingdom of God and operating thru one's own ego for one's own pleasures, for one's own glory.

Read the post: from the mouth of babes.

Socialist-Communist foundation wrapped up in a Fascist shell, marketed and sold back to the People (sinners/heathens/pagans/slaves/nimrods) under the guise of Free-Market Capitalism and call it Freedom. Where is the profit in making a society for saints?

Mankind is naked owner of his IMAGE but will always be USUFRUCT of the FRUIT of that IMAGE; Reap what is sown.

We all chose to be usufruct of the tree of knowledge; now we are all usufructuary of that fruit: DEAD to the promises for the heir.

We all chose at some point to expand our own kingdom, operating thru our own ego for our own benefit, instead of choosing to expand the kingdom of God and do all works in his name for his glory.

Not one of us stands innocent before God and only God makes the heir. Face it, if we all acted as saints, none of this bullshit would exist.

Now, each of us have the chance to repent and begin anew, going back to the beginning to establish our estate/trust interface to operate in accordance with our FREE-WILL-CHOICE: usufruct of the Tree of Life or usufruct of the Tree of Knowledge.

Up until now, we were operating under deception.

Now, we know.

Now, we have the opportunity to correct the mistake.

Go correct the mistake and seek the kingdom of God FIRST and stop worrying about if you can issue promissory notes and bullshit like that when the entirety of the Kingdom is awaiting for you.

Stop concerning yourselves with the mere smell from a spoonful of a bowl of porridge and seek the Kingdom.

Our only JOB is to do as commanded: Seek the Kingdom.
~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.