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This is where I first started.

Commercial Redemption (CR(TM)) Groups on Yahoo Groups. The guy who did this Trademarked the CR(TM) Name and upon consultation with a lawyer, came to the conclusion that the only way to protect the Trademark was to just give it away. So this is what he did.

Anyhow, the process is very simplistic and provides a solid foundation to resolving people's current, immediate and most pressing issues until such time one's Trust is established, adopted and recognized.

I am providing a zip file with the basic files enclosed. CR(TM)

This message shall be pinned for easier access, but if you need read more, go over and visit and join Commercial Redemption Yahoo Group.

Message from Group Founder:

It only works if you understand what you are doing and if you believe it. You don't rely upon an outside authority to validate your belief/paperwork. It works because the Fiction's rules require them to follow through.

It is so simple. You accept for value and return for value any presentment or compelled performance. This is all that is necessary. You provide the consideration - the acceptance, your EIN and your autograph. This act automatically adjusts the accounting to zero and settles in full and closes the account. You also provide a letter - a novation contract - that instructs the demander on the terms and conditions of the new contract. The afv/rfv and letter together form the contract. You also provide secondary consideration that can not be refused - $1 or more U.S. postal money order - in script they understand (although they do all the time, signing for it through USPS CMRRR is acceptance). You close the account with a Account Closed Notification letter in fifteen days.

There it is. The entire procedure in a few sentences. All you have to believe is that your presumption holds - you have every ability to use your exemption to set-off any debt. Proof of claim is - prove to me that I don't.

Regards, JeffreyCC

~ Boris

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