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and the beauty of what has been constructed is that since the system as constructed is nothing more than a communistic/socialist foundation wrapped in a fascist shell and sold to the masses under the guise of capitalism marketed and packaged as freedom, then all one need to is convert any of the seven heavenly virtues into a sin here on earth like a currency exchange and one can live like a King amongst men.

For example: I can convert faith, hope, charity and love in to GREED here on Earth; I am so GREEDY to give faith, hope, charity and love to others that I commit the ULTIMATE-SIN within the CAPITALISTIC-SYSTEM: no profit for self; no glory unto me, for my "profits" would be in heaven where they are protected from thieves and do not rust; all glory goes to God, and since I live in SIN via the conversion of the virtue: 100% giving without expectation in return, I would have UNLIMITED-CREDIT (equal and opposite effect) on Earth to act in SIN (greed for the virtue) while on the world without becoming part of the world and while doing so, I can provide the world the fruit from which the "descended" will partake of SIN and unknowingly help build/create a world I wish to see handed down to the next generation which will bring heaven down here on Earth.

In other words, I can manipulate the masses to bring heaven down to earth using SIN underwritten by the heavenly virtues, for those same heavenly virtues here on earth are in fact SIN here on earth, but none of the mass would be ever so much wiser for it will appear as if I operate in SIN.

And this is the nature of what has evolved from humble beginnings within this site. I set out on a journey to explain how a mortgage was discharged from just a simple UCC filing and explored the secular world to find the truth and in the end, I found truth, I found wholeness and reconnected with God.

All in accordance to his will.

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.