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— by Rschallmo Rschallmo

You are amazing in how you respond to questions put out there on this site.  I agree that you need to know what you're doing you just can't jump in the pool without seeing if there's any water in it .  Although, I do try a lot of these things blind to see if it sticks. I never take offense to any thing you say because I know you are trying to make us think  and not get in trouble because you don't fully understand what's going on.  I myself try a lot of things on this website not fully understanding.  I learn as I go along and if I have to I correct my mistakes.

Thanks for the input, I will go back to the drawing board with the information you give me.just like you I try things  to see if they work to help others benefit. I'm grateful to you , the members who contribute and this website.  

Minnesota  200 ... How does one fill this out and where do you submit it?  I will go through the search engine and do some further investigation in the meantime.