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— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
Profound is not what I had in mind for I personally know a brother of whom was taken for $20K by DWM and another, lured in by promises of all DWM's bullshit actually meaning something.

'Tis rather funny, but when I read DWM website, all I see is the "Justinian Deception" in action ... ALL CAPS with some ALL-CAPS thrown in to cause chaos and confusion and people are actually buying into this crap?

BAB [Persian and Arabic Bāb, Gate (leading to the Mahdi or to knowledge of God) from Arabic bāb, gate, from Aramaic bābā, from Akkadian bābu; see bwb in the Appendix of Semitic roots.]

-BLE [variant of -able (soluble); occurring first in words of Latin origin that came into English through French, later in words taken directly from Latin.]

Hmm ... it appears this means BABBLE means "the Gate leading one to the knowledge of God" and correct me if I am mistaken, but it appears if one eats of this fruit, one shall surely die, so exactly how does one write a "living contract" using BAB-BLE?

The more I see of DWM, the more I am led to believe that DWM apparently teaching everyone how to "perfect the language of the DEAD" (if anything at all) which apparently still means that no matter how much quantum whatever DWM throws at it, all DWM appears to be doing is teaching people to remain DEAD.

It appears the words of David Hannum (or maybe P.T. Barnum depending on which story one accepts) stand as true as the wind to this day: "There's a sucker born every minute"

I also love DWM's admission to be a 92nd Level Mason, a degree none have supposedly attained in reportedly 8,500 years, but I guess this "fact" escapes people's attention ... the head deceiver of the deceivers?

Besides, if this guy has all the answers, then why is everyone here listing to the bullshit I spew forth from my blowhole and not beating a path towards his door?

But don't let me get in the way of anyone's happiness and success ...

After all, don't you all know?
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