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— by Orionstar Orionstar
I came across him 12 years ago, when he expounded the trivium of his thoughts...he was fighting against the court custody system for his kid after a divorce during the time back in the 70's(i think) when the mother was always without question given custody of the offspring.

He kept losing his appeals, over & over, switching his angle & method to no avail...he seemed to develop some sort of respect with the judge that asked him why do you keep trying & never give up...(DWM}I'm doing this for my kid, then asked so why then do you keep denying all my appeals-)

The judge responded,
Because you never presented a true argument.

DWM responded,
What do you mean? That if i were to present an argument in a fashion that could not be denied as true, you would grant the appeal?!

The judge responded,
why not, no one in the history of the world ever went to war over a math problem...
(the judge obviously never heard of Panin)The_Proof_panin.pdf

Yet DWM went to work and turned Cryptic Language of secret definitions upside down with his own math-syntax language.

The Commerce of Peace presentation is the one once protected numerically, that could blow the gates of the enemies Compound.

Its true that he is quite profound...for those that are unaware of the numerical syntax value of language...
just noticed that syn/tax yikes!