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Thoughts on Postmaster General David-Wynn Miller's parse syntax word lessons? Hundreds of hours available on YT, that I am combing through and linking much of your teachings, Boris. Not sure if anyone has heard of him, but he turns all contracts into quantum mathematical equations decoding each word with a syntax key of 1-0 to prove them false mathematically, and by using basic grammar.
If anyone has ever looked into Grimoires (ancient word for grammar; legends have it that this was how Solomon acquired all of his wealth, passed down from Moses- fair warning: it gets deep), it will reveal a lot more insight as to what's going on with the "magic" of words (logos?). It requires breaking them down to syllables, and also decoding what they are (noun, pronoun, adjective, etc.). For example, Internal Revenue Service is:
In= NO
ter= Earth
nal= Contract

Re= No
ven= Venue/location
Service = pronoun

In this format (sans punctuation) Internal becomes and adjective, Revenue becomes an adjective, and Service is the pronoun.

When these words are put together without punctuation, they become an adjective, adjective, pronoun. This makes the "sentence" of Internal Revenue Service a pronoun state. Pro=No, Noun= Fact. You are in a "no fact" state. First rule of contract is having closure for your performance so you can cooperate. How can one be in contract with a no fact state? You can't. Mr. Miller claims he has won thousands of cases this way I believe 12,000 and counting, but don't quote me on that as he mentions it in one of his training vids).

Some other cool stuff he teaches...Court = COVRT in Latin, or "Covert."
 I have loved your peace concepts and brilliant takes on these situations. Had one success so far. ;) Thanks, Boris, for all you do! Much gratitude from the female energy side!!