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Once both SIDES of the Usufruct are Aligned, then and only then do they have agreement of purpose;
however the next mental level of the Trick or Treat is to unadulterate the texture of each and every Plebicite & Referendum(declared agreement/with existing law) Port of Exchange...The signature upon any and every Implied Law Contractual agreement authorizing a Altered agreement...whether known or unknown to us from the time of Our Creation to the time of our conception and birth/berth to the time learned to open agency accounts of all kinds that baited & Switched us from the True to the False. Lets right the Ship!

1. Have we signed up to be treated as:

a. Owner of property, if so which/what type of owner...
b. Owned property, if so which/what type of property...
c. What Jurisdiction is the Owner/owner identified in agreement with or outside of...
d. What Jurisdiction is the property identified in agreement with or outside of...

Registering, Laboring, Voting, Driving, Banking, Purchasing of every kind & type...Are these not all Ports Of Exchange. One way or another we all must learn how to monetize or demonetize the proper effects through the proper placement of those effects with our signature.

The focus must not only be on freeing the property, but freeing both the Personalty(property) and the Personality(natural creature) that rightfully should wield its use.