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— by franc franc
Very interesting indeed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. In my opinion, full disclosure should be advertised as such, in the open, free of legalese or other confusing language, terms or concepts. Only then can we make conscious choices, fully aware of their potential consequences. For example: If one is warring against God, then one should be fully aware that is what one is doing, instead of being convinced (thanks in large part to our governors and tutors) that all one is doing is providing for family. If one is becoming a federal contractor/employee, one should be made aware of that and should be able to choose not to be or cease to be without persecution and without having to jump through numerous, complicated and confusing hoops. The undoing should be as easy as the doing.

Full disclosure should not be hidden in what most people think is fantasy (cartoons,  books, movies, etc) or buried in millions of codes, regulations, statutes, etc. That is deceitful and reeks of bad faith. One should not have to interpret truth out of some cryptic information. There are as many interpretations as there are people on the planet, which is correct and who is qualified to make that determination?

To be Ignorant is to willfully disregard information, choosing not to know. I do not think that is what most  are. Most of us don't know that we don't know or are place at a disadvantage in regard to knowing. That is innocence.