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Re: JUSTINIAN-DECEPTION: The Mother of all Deceptions
— by franc franc
In my opinion, what we say, think or do is solely dependent on our intent. Using your example, if the intent behind our use of capital words is strictly for emphasis, then so it is. We should not be concerned about what someone else's rules are regarding capital words. Unless we agree to play their game, we are not subject to their rules. This is a free will universe, in which intent is supreme and agreement follows.

Having said that, there may be a difference between unknowingly playing someone else's game and being aware about the game, but choosing not to participate in it. The former may be bound by the rules, the latter is not and cannot be forced to against his will. Otherwise, we would all be slaves to some Anunnaki "God" and sustenance for his parasitic administrators. We are much more than that. We, in our core essence, are fractals of the hologram, that being prime creator, the one mastermind of the universe and beyond. This is what we are on a smaller scale and I don't see it being concerned with someone's rules on the use of words or anything else. I think the key is to be aware of the games being played and saying yes or no to them and simply observe without participation.

But, really, what the heck do I know? I maybe missing something.