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For this I am grateful ...
— by iamsomedude iamsomedude

I am grateful to God for allowing Satan and his minions to refine God's children: Mankind.

I am grateful that God allows the likes of Hillary, Trump, the Rothschilds, the Vatican and their Jesuit army, and all Satan's perverted, immoral, disgusting followers to run roughshod over this world.

I am grateful, for without these people and entities being here, I would not have the relationship with God that fills the giant hole in my heart.

I am grateful for these perverted and wicked souls show me the darkness that exists within each of our hearts which drives me to seek out the light.

Without them, I would be stuck in a quagmire of meaningless lustful relationships, drowning myself in a sea of alcohol and drugs just to numb the pain.

Without them, this world would be that much worse than it is now for they show us the path to the light through their dark, perverted existence. How can one know good if one was never exposed to evil? How can one see the light if one never knew there was a darkness?

Without them, I would not be me and for this I am not only grateful but thankful; they reunited me with our Father.

Maybe, just maybe, we should stop judging these people, open our hearts and offer them love in our prayers, for it is the wicked that need love the most, and be grateful for this opportunity to learn how to love unconditionally and maybe, just maybe, we can then heal and in one voice cry out "Abba, Father: I SURRENDER !!"
For this, I am grateful; filled with hope and love and washed anew with faith that Mankind will emerge from this dark age mentality, undo the shackles binding us to this empty way of life handed down from our ancestors and embrace the light to find our way home.

Most of all, I am grateful God gifted us his only begotten Son to be that lighthouse in these seas of confusion.
~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.